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  1. Nexus Carder

    Fired IT Contractor Jailed for Retaliatory Cyber-Attack

    An IT contractor who carried out a retaliatory cyber-attack after being fired for underperforming has been sent to prison. Indian national Deepanshu Kher was hired by an American IT consulting firm in 2017. The firm sent Kher to the headquarters of a company in Carlsbad, California, to assist...
  2. Nexus Carder

    Gaming Plug-In Effected Millions of PCs Vulnerable

    A gaming plugin installed in over 200 million computers contains a critical flaw that enables attackers to steal user data directly from the websites they’re logged into, according to a security researcher. This affects websites which offer web mail as well as social media and networking...
  3. Nexus Carder

    AUS County Cvv free Master card

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  4. Nexus Carder

    UK live fresh visa

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  5. Nexus Carder

    Live cc fresh

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  6. Nexus Carder

    Visa USA

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  7. Nexus Carder

    USA Mastercard

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  8. Nexus Carder

    HB CC by Legit carding forum

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  9. Nexus Carder

    22 Netflix Valid Token Enjoy Guys!

    22 Netflix Valid Token
  10. Nexus Carder

    Visa usa live but low

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  11. Nexus Carder

    American express live try on $50

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  12. Nexus Carder

    Germany Mastercard Business

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  13. Nexus Carder

    Germany Visa Credit Gold

    CCnum:: 4035942038934026 Cvv: 375 Expm: 08 Expy: 24 Fname: Monika Lname: Himmel Address: Neustadter Hauptstr. 103 City: WAIBLINGEN State: LA Zip: 71336 Country: GERMANY Phone: 01736479754
  14. Nexus Carder

    Installing Apache on Windows

    Installing Apache on Windows Installing Apache on Windows, why? Because let's face it Windows is easy, and well Apache sure beats using IIS. This tutorial is meant for the person who would like to set up there own little web server. It's not meant for the IT Person running a fortune 500...
  15. Nexus Carder


    CVV CARDING TUTORIAL [OPERATING SYSTEMS] This tutorial is mainly if you are a merchant and you are carding your own products that you have listed up for sale. Merchant account providers such as Plimus or Avangate use sophisticated methods of detecting fraud. One method that they use is they...
  16. Nexus Carder

    Carding Tutorial by

    Carding Tutorial#1 Carding: Carding: Online, Instore, Going through vendors and advice, Phishing for change of billing addresses Including drops and what you need to know;Huge guide written by me Carding: Carding: Online, Instore, Going through vendors and advice, Phishing for change of...
  17. Nexus Carder

    Secured Black Market Platform Script For Sale - Test And Buy! From

    BlueMart Black Market Platform BlueMart is a black market platform coded in a secured environment offering the possibility to host your own market. We can add/change any needed function, crypto-currency, security future, design, etc. Escrow is welcomed...
  18. Nexus Carder

    RapidScan - The Multi-Tool Web Vulnerability Scanner From

    Evolution: It is quite a fuss for a pentester to perform binge-tool-scanning (running security scanning tools one after the other) sans automation. Unless you are a pro at automating stuff, it is a herculean task to perform binge-scan for each and every engagement. The ultimate goal of this...
  19. Nexus Carder

    3 terabytes of hacking tutorials

    Hey everyone! Here's some stuff to help you out!!I...638REQ!QdwBhSDJ
  20. Nexus Carder

    target carding tutorial 2021

    -Buy ssn that matches your drop and name. -Check if the ssn owner doesn’t use Verizon. -Create account at with ssn details. -Go to electronics>phones >iPhones Choose from x to xs Max -Choose carrier, which is Verizon -Run the credit check -ID number is required, but u can use Anyone’s...