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The owners of the vDOS DDoS service escaped with 6 months of correctional work

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Nov 21, 2020
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The defendants were able to earn more than $ 600 thousand using the vDOS service.

Two co-owners of the now deactivated DDoS-as-a-vDOS service, which for four years helped its customers carry out more than two million DDoS attacks, were sentenced to six months of correctional work by an Israeli court. The defendants were found guilty of disrupting computer systems and damaging computer information.

An Israeli court pronounced sentences and imposed fines and probation on Yarden Bidani and Itai Khuri, who were arrested in 2016 at the age of 18 in connection with an FBI investigation into vDOS.

Prior to closing in 2016, vDOS was the largest DDoS-as-a-service, allowing even completely inexperienced Internet users to launch destructive attacks and disable most sites.

According to a court document, young people earned more than $ 600 thousand using vDOS. The sentence also mentions the supporting role of 23-year-old Jesse Wu, who registered the UK shell company used by vDOS and managed the NameCentral domain name registrar. Wu also created a payment infrastructure and received 15% of the total vDOS income for his services.

VDOS owners also sold API access to their backend attack infrastructure to other DDoS services, including Vstress, Ustress, PoodleStresser, and LizardStresser.

The defendants received the mildest sentence possible - six months of community service under the supervision of the Israeli prison service. This is due to the fact that the accused were minors at the time of the commission of most of their crimes. The judge also imposed small fines on each of the accused, noting that more than $ 175 thousand were already confiscated from their profits.

vDOS is a service for organizing DDoS attacks, which allows creating traffic of the order of 50 Gb / s. He worked from 2012 to 2016, and in just four months in 2016, the total time of all attacks on web sites using the service exceeded 3.2 thousand days.