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Unlocking Telegram will not affect the safety of personal data

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Nov 21, 2020
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Pavel Durov congratulated Russian users of the messenger on its unlocking.

The creator of Telegram Pavel Durov commented on the removal by Roskomnadzor of restrictions on access to the messenger. As Durov assured, the stability and speed of Telegram mobile applications in Russia will grow, and direct web links to channels and services will become available without a VPN. In terms of the safety of personal data, there will be no changes - the right to privacy and confidentiality of personal correspondence will remain the fundamental principle of Telegram in all countries.

“I think that unlocking will be a good signal for IT entrepreneurs and investors. Such actions of the Russian authorities in this and other areas inspire optimism. I hope that the positive trend will be preserved, and Russia will be able to realize its potential in the digital sphere, ”said Durov.

Roskomnadzor lifted the requirements to restrict access to the Telegram messenger in consultation with the Prosecutor General. Attempts to block the messenger have been carried out for more than two years, but Russian users bypass the blocking without any problems.

In April 2018, the Tagansky District Court of Moscow grantedlawsuit of Roskomnadzor to block Telegram in the Russian Federation. On April 4, the 15-day period granted to the Telegram administration for the transfer of the FSB encryption keys expired. According to representatives of the service operator, this requirement could not be fulfilled for technical reasons.

In May of this year, State Duma deputies from Fair Russia Fedot Tumusov and Dmitry Ionin proposed a bill to stop blocking Telegram. According to the authors, unsuccessful attempts to block the messenger caused damage not to its development, but to the prestige of the government of the Russian Federation.